Sunday, August 15, 2010

Falling Out of Love with a WIP

AD (also known as THE Project) has been on hold while I wait for beta readers to go over it and give me back their wonderful comments. To keep myself to diving straight into the next round of revisions before I get feedback, I've been working on FAERIE BAD LUCK.

I've been having issues. A lot of them. But I think they all are linked back to one central problem.

I'm really not in love with this story, or the characters, or anything.

A large part of the problem is that I'm probably too in love with Jacky and co. They've been with me the longest. We've worked together the hardest. We've grown up together, in a writer-character relationship that I don't have with any other characters. This is proving to be problematic because none of the other possible characters and SNIs floating around in my head are as appealing as Jacky and co.

Maybe the problem here isn't that I fell out of love with FBL, but that I was never in love with it to begin with.

And it shows.

My question for you (not that any of you ever seem inclined to answer them, tsk tsk): What makes you fall in love with a new WIP?

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  1. I don't know what a WIP is, but I am on this page because I googled 'falling out of love with your central character.' I am in the last few chapters of a novel which has taken me several years to write, and I have just realised the central character is a snobby, prissy little asshole. This seems like a serious problem to me... it may be we have spent too long together! One thing I have noticed is that as the end of the project approaches, the thought of it actually existing, and being open to rejection, is so ghastly that your brain finds every single strategy to make you stop! Why do we do it to ourselves? Thanks for blogging, it's nice to see fellow writers in similar pickles. Ben