Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The History of Jacky's First Book As OS Version Upgrades

Jacky Version 1.0 (dubbed CHOSEN) was started in the fall of 2004, just as I was starting college. Through that first year away from home, I wrote 26 chapters, and then it was set aside because life developments demanded my full attention.

CHOSEN did no see the light of day again until 2007, when Version 1.0 was taken out, judged worthless drivel, and tossed to the side. A near complete rewrite saw Version 1.2 completed that year, along with several other Jacky Books that have since been sent to the junk pile to await possible recycling. Version 1.3 never saw completion, as Version 1.2 and Book 2 were decided to be better as a single unit. Thus Version 2.0, called DEALING WITH DEMONS, came into being in 2009.

Version 2.2 came quick on Version 2.0's heels, and Version 2.3 was in progress when the work being done on Book 2 (Version 2.0) brought to light a strange realization. Jacky's story didn't actually start until Book 2 (previously Book 3 Version 1.0). So, why not cut out DEALING WITH DEMONS which merely served as a prelude. An entire book's length of prelude.

DwD and Book 2 Version 2.0 were sent to the recycling heap, where they were pulled apart, and key components were withdrawn and set aside for later use. Book 1 has seen the names HUNTED, and DEMON MAY LIE, and finally settled on ANGELIC DEMON, a name previously associated with Book 2 Version 2.0. Now AD Version 3.2 is well under way. The developmental version went well, and 3.2 is going to be sporting some big changes that will help maintain plot consistency, and delve more deeply into characterization.

That was fun. Now to make more progress on AD Version 3.2.

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