Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Book Reviews: Yes, No?

A question for readers, or just random people dropping by because they thought this was a sight about summoning demons and how to control them (Sorry to disappoint!) I have this huge list of books I own that I want to read, right? I keep striking titles off the list, but I haven't really said much about the books I've read. Whether I liked them, hated them, couldn't finish them. No, kidding. I've finished reading everything crossed off, I promise.

So my question to you: Should I start trying to type up quick book reviews for all the books I read? Would that be something you find interesting, or would you rather read the reviews on Amazon or Barnes and Noble?

Fell free to put your vote in the comments section. I couldn't figure out how to embed a poll into the body of this particular blog, but it's there over on the sidebar. So, feel free to put in a word, or add a vote. Or do both. That'd be awesome too.

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