Thursday, April 8, 2010

Reading and Writing: How One Feeds the Other

Sometimes I pick up a book, read it, and think "My god, this writing is horrible. I'm pretty sure I write better than this." It gives me hope for the future of my book. The one that I'd really like to get published.

Then I read a book, like Jim Butcher's Changes, and think "This is a master of the craft. God, I want to be able to write like him."

So then I dive into writing with fresh vigor, trying to create a work of writing that brings me closer to being a master.

It takes time, it takes a lot of effort. And it takes years of practice, of writing, revising, rewriting, editing, and more writing. At least for me. Wish I were one of those brilliant writers that could pull a best selling novel out my ass on my first try, but I'm not. Still, I love the process of writing, I love tearing things down and building them back up, making them better.

Though this is the last time I'm rewriting this damn book. I swear to God, if I have to rewrite the whole damn thing one more time, I will disown Jacky and move on to a different book.

Anyway, reading, for me, is a great inspiration, and gives me hope. It can also make me feel like a lousy writer, if I let it. I try not too. Cling to the excitement, the determination to get better, but most importantly, cling to the love the writing.

Eventually, maybe, hopefully, I'll to where I'm going, and I'll be able to count myself a good writer like any of the dozen or more authors I absolutely adore.

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