Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chapters from Hell

It seems like in every book--every draft--there's a chapter from a Hell. A chapter that starts off as a brilliant idea, and you dive in with enthusiasm. Then you release just how hard pulling off this master piece is going to be. Work slows down. Things don't feel quite right. Should you stop and go back? Finish it and revise? Yes. Finish it. Then you can go back and hack at it.

But, no matter how many times you go over it, it's never quite right.

The last time I ran into one of these chapters, I finished it, pushed on, and wound up scrapping 14,000 words. There's no way in Hell I'm going to let that happen.

The problem now is that this chapter is very surreal, and I don't do surreal very well. I could, once upon a time, when I didn't know much about the rules of writing. Now, it's harder for. What's worse is this is supposed to be the mid-point big climax of the book. This is where the shit really starts hitting the fan for Jacky. I've got to face up to it, though. I suck ass when it comes to writing big climax scenes of any kind.

Well, time to stop complaining and start writing. That's the only way I know of to get better at something.

Jennifer vs. Chapter from Hell: Round one! *ding*

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