Sunday, January 3, 2010

To Procrastinate Sleep

School starts tomorrow morning. I don't have any classes as early as I did last semester, but still early enough that I'm not sure I'm going to have much "me" time in the morning. More that than, classes start at the same time every day. Good in some ways. Bad in others.

Mostly, I'm worried about finding a good balance between school, play, and working on my novel. Not to mention I need to throw "take care of myself" into the mix as well. It will be challenging, but doable. I hope. Still. There's a good chance that my tolerance level for school is going to plummet, my mood will dive into a chasm of abysmal despair, and I won't want to do anything but zone out playing video games. Heaven knows that's what usually happens to me spring semester.

This year, I have a plan. Kind of. Get up, go to school. Come home and have some me time. You know. Get my thoughts and emotions under control by having some quiet time in front of the alter (yes, alter. You did read that right.). Taking care of me after that. Lifting weights three days a week, Tai Chi on the other days, and running at least once a week. Assuming I ever get around to buying running shoes. After I've taken care of me is when I'll put time into school work, and because I almost always multi-task, I can switch between school work and novel work. Maybe. Hopefully.

It's going to be interesting. I'm just glad I'm not like poor Dystophil, who isn't only going to school full time, but is also working full time. Pretty sure trying something like that would be the end of me.

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  1. Well it's not all bad, mind you. But yeah, a new daily routine will probably be a good idea. Hopefully you can get as much time in for writing as you need and want. I'm definitely going to try and work on my novel every day, but don't even go to a specific word count. It'll work out somehow:)