Friday, June 29, 2012

Tales of a Forgotten Blog

So, erm, it's obviously been a while since I've done this whole blog thing.  Not because I've stopped writing (Ha! no.) but more because I really didn't have anything to say.  And then there was that whole "everyone's sick of reading blogs" and I was tired of writing blogs, and really, what's the point of rambling away to an empty theater?

I know, it's not really empty.  Or at least it wasn't when I went on hiatus, but this is just a tiny little corner of the interwebs, that's really only important to me, and it wasn't so important to keep up and running when I books to write.

And hoo-boy have I been writing.

This year alone, I have finished the rough draft of three--read it again, 3!--different books.  Admittedly one was a sequel that I wrote just for me and ended up not working as well as I thought it would, but still!  I'm also chewing through words on the first draft of what has been lovingly called The Book That Refused to Die.  Those familiar with the blog--or are bored enough to go through the meager content in the archives--will know that I've been working with my character Jacky Kendricks for a Very Long Time.

I queried her book last year, for a bit.  I had a request for a full, which also received a very nice personalized rejection.  I'd planned on querying more, until I started working on the synopsis and made a rather depressing discovery.

The query letter WAS a synopsis.

I tried rewriting the query.  Many, many times.  Failed.

Finally came to the realization that the dratted thing had no plot.  Oh, it had plenty of story, and character, and action, but no plot.


So it got trunked while I focused on NanoWrimo (2011).

Cue the roll around of 2012 and that strange desire to make resolutions.  I didn't want to say anything too specific, because that never ends well for me, but I dubbed this the year I would get shit.

I've succeeded spectacularly.  Three books drafted.  One revised, beta'd, polished, and has been tossed out into the wild with query letter crafted and the synopsis being procrastinated as long as possible.

All that to say that it's the querying that prompted me to revive the blog.

I'm still not sure I have anything new to say, but I do have a nice little list of blog post ideas tucked away.  Somewhere.  I know it was around here somewhere.  I'll dig it up and for the next little while I'm going to aim to post something new at least once a month.

We'll see how long this lasts.  My expectations aren't exactly high.

This post counts for June and July right?  Since it's at the end of one and so close to the beginning of the other.  It doesn't?  Oh.  Well.

Just let me go find that list.

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