Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What the New Year will Bring

This happens every year. I blog a lot during the spring and summer months, then taper off come fall, and winter holiday is a dead zone. This year has been especially busy for me. And emotional. But changes are coming in 2011.

Come January, I'm going to be diving into the last (I've said it before so don't believe me) revisions of AD. The query letter is going to get written and critiqued, and come hell or high water, I'm querying this book. Hopefully sometime before the crazy winter season.

Having decided school is really not my slice of pie, I need to find a job. Doing what, I don't know. I have until roughly May-June to figure it out and start making money that I can use to pay bills. Student loans don't pay themselves off, after all.

I would promise blogs on a semi-regular basis, but I don't like making promises I can't, or don't intend, to keep. So, I'll just say I'll drop in from time to time. Probably rant and rave about the revising and querying process. Nothing new there. I probably won't be keeping up a to-read list. It's gotten pretty ridiculous and the upkeep of the list is annoying and time consuming. Instead, I'll probably just make a list of books I have read.

That's pretty much it. There's personal goals I'll be making for the new year, of course. Things like "live a healthier lifestyle," "get in better shape," "be more social," etc.

Don't know about you guys, but I'm looking forward to a new year, and all the wonderful craziness that it will undoubtably bring.

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