Saturday, July 3, 2010

Book Review: A Devil in the Details

Jesse James Dawson fights the good fight for lost souls. Literally. He's a champion that fights demons to win back souls of those who lost them in a bargain.

Jesse is such a smart ass. I love his quips, and snarky personality. Mostly, I love the fact that he has a family. Mom, brother, wife and daughter. A lot of main characters in urban fantasy seem to have a big lack of familial relations. (Usually. There's more than just this one exception.)

She does such a wonder job painting pictures of her characters. Axel, especially, holds a place in my heart. (Erm... just not one big enough for him to get to my soul.) Despite being a little slower paced, with more attention to character relations, the story moved really well.

I want more backstory. There's so many tantalizing glimpses of it. Hopefully we'll get more as more books unravel.

It was a quick read, and fully entertaining. There were some great twists and turns, and I'm gnashing my teeth. Ms Stewart, I daresay your ending is enough to drive a reader nuts. If I stalk you until the release of the next book, you've no one to blame but yourself. (And I get to say this because I (kinda sorta) know her. No real creepy stalking involved, I promise.)

Ms Stewart is one awesome lady, by the way. I'm glad I got to know her before her feet were set firmly on the road to fame. Good luck and happy writing, fellow purgie!

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