Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Greetings Blogspot

I hope Blogspot is a kind friend than Wordpress. Wordpress hurt my feelings by making navigation tricky, stealing links and refusing to give them back, and generally not being fun to work with.

Quick intro to Writing Demons and me:

I'm a writer, working on a novel that I started in 2004. It's now (almost) 2010, and version 5.0 of the first book in a series featuring Jacky Kendricks. The book has gone through titles, as it's evolved and changed and been rewritten. What started as "Chosen" became "Dealing with Demons" and now has a working title of "Hunted" until I can either think of something better, or decide that "Dealing with Demons" really does work.

What is it about? It's about a young woman who's life is thrown off kilter when angels demand her death. As she tries to find the reason for the angels' sudden interest in her, and why they want her dead, she discovers that the world isn't painted as simply as she thought. Black and white have blended into so many shades of gray that she no longer knows who, or what, is good or evil.

Writing Demons will be a place for sharing my thoughts about writing, and the processes I go through as I pull this book from the ashes of its predecessors, and try to turn it into something new for me, and interesting for everyone.

So hello to all who stumble here. Welcome to the insanity.

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  1. A little belated WELCOME! Seems like I need to update my link. And yes, wordpress has been a royal pain. Didn't even let me import my old posts *grump*

    So far blogspot has been treating me pretty well though :)