Tuesday, January 1, 2013

That Old New Year Post

2012, the only (writing related) resolution I had was to get shit done.  I’d been spending a lot of time working and reworking one particular book (#TBTRTD) and there were a lot of other ideas clamoring for attention, wanting their time in the limelight.  

I think I managed swimmingly.

I think there’s a post here somewhere that ear marks some of the accomplishments I’ve achieved this year.  Or at least talks about the books I worked on.  

Here’s the grand sum of things, though.

I Wrote:
Dragon Flute (Sort of, I revamped the first half, started rewriting the second half, and decided I hated it and never wanted to talk to it again.  It’s still sulking somewhere on the mini-drive.)
Faerie Bad Luck (querying)
Faerie Curious (sequel, trunked forever, it’s awful.)
Elements of Fire (getting ready to query)
Lighting Strike (also known as #TBTRTD. It’s halfway through it’s second draft.)
Elements of Air (50/70k, stupid NanoWrimo) 
The Kissing Bough (a novella by pseudonym Diana Connell)
Blood and Dust (Started. As of New Years Eve, it’s at 25/80k)

Yeah, and that novella?  That sucker got published, yo.  

Did my career get farther?  Well, sort of.  Self-published novella or not, I’m still agent-less.  But, that’s not something that I have much control over.  I can only keep doing what I’ve been doing.  Writing.  Revising.  Revising again. Querying.  Eventually one of these lovelies will end up with an agent that’s willing to go out on a limb for me and help me find publication through a traditional publisher.  Not necessarily traditional publication, things are changing too much too quickly to expect that, but still.  I have starry-eyed dreams of advances and paying off student loans, and seeing one of my books at the local Barnes and Noble.

Will this year be the year?  Maybe.  I have plans (like querying the snot out of EF, FBL, along with LS and BnD once they get polished up), I’m going to keep busy and get more things done (like the two regency romance novels I’d like to get written, revised, and self-pubbed).  Every book I write is another toe in the door.  Or another straw on the camel’s back.  Another chance to hit it out of the park.  Or something.  It’s late (when I wrote this, which is not the same time as when I published this) and my brain is on the fritz.  

Anywhar!  I hope everyone has a wonderful 2013.  May it be filled with good books, better booze, and the best people to share it with.   

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