Wednesday, August 1, 2012

To Clear Up Some Confusion

This summer has been remarkably productive for me.  I have drafted three books, start to finish, and I'm about half way finished (for the second time) on a fourth.  One of these books I've revised, cleaned up, and have started querying.

I'm sure most people that read this blog (hi readers, both old, new, and those poor souls that have gotten horribly lost on the interwebs!) also follow me on twitter, where I ramble and rant about writing on a near daily basis.  This feed is linked to facebook, so my family and non-twittering friends can see what the Hell I spend all my time doing.

There's been some confusion about the books I've been working on.  Probably because I call them all the same thing in the twitter feed, except for the one I'm currently working on, which has earned the idiom The Book That Refused To Die, Or #TBTRTD.

Instead of writing a deep, meaningful blog post for the month of August, I'm here to clear up the confusion about my massive work in progress list.  In order of appearance and/or completion.

(I really suck at writing pitches of any sort, so bare with me.  These are fast and dirty and not well thought out.  Also, these are all working titles and subject to change at a whim.)

FAERIE BAD LUCK: Nym discovers that her bad luck mark has been framed for breaking a goblin mirror, an attempt to keep him from investigating the deaths of faeries in Mundane, the human world.  With the help of her fluff ball muse and the human knight of the Unseelie court, Nym sets out to find the killers and bring them to justice.

Genre: Adult Urband Fantasy
Status: Finished, and querying

A SEQUEL to FAERIE BAD LUCK.  It was written more for me, getting a feel for how things could pan out, and will never see the light of day again.  If ever FBL sees publication, this will be scrapped and I'll pretend it never existed.  It doesn't even deserve a quick summary, it's that bad.  Hell, it doesn't even deserve a title.

Genre: Adult Urband Fantasy
Status: Finished, but trunked

ELEMENTAL FIRE: A new power has come to the small town of Four Springs Montana, and has been starting fires throughout town.  As a shaman, it's Amy's responsibility to help her mother and aunt safe guard the town, and maintain the balance of nature.  After her friend is killed in a house fire, Amy is determined to find the arsonist and see them come to justice.  

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal
Status: Drafted, awaiting revisions

LIGHTNING STRIKE: (Also known as #tbtrtd) Jacky witnessed the gruesome murder of her cousin, and doesn't remember any of it.  The police are convinced she's guilty of the crime, and are determined to make her disappear before her memories can resurface.  On the run from the law, and dodging a couple of agents for a shady government agency she'd never heard of, Jacky must find the real killer and clear her name. Before she ends up vanished or dead.

Genre: Adult Urban Fantasy
Status: Drafting

There you have it! A comprehensive list of the books I've spewed out this year.  I have no idea what I'm going to work on after I finish LIGHTNING STRIKE.  Maybe something new.  Maybe I'll see if I can work on revising ELEMENTAL FIRE without wanting to vomit. (I didn't like it. Still don't. It just didn't come out the way I wanted it to.)  I have some ideas waiting in the wings for me to poke at, but nothing that's screaming for attention.  

Mer.  At least I still have half a book to write before I need to worry about What's Next.

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