Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ideas for Future Projects

I hit over 70k today. The end of this book is in sight. I'm so giddy I could dance all night (not really, I'm actually pretty tired), and even filled up with epic final battle plans, my brain has a tiny corner turning over different ideas for what our next big project should be. Everyone--my brain, me, Jacky et al.--has decided that a break from Jacky will be in order. I mean. I'm going to revise Book 1 until my eyes bleed. I'm going polish it until it's thin in the center and nearly see-through. Then I'm going to query it.

Revising is not writing, however. So, the big question is: Which should my next big project be?

I've got several ideas floating around in there somewhere. One I've already written a bit of, done a bit of plotting for. FAERIE BAD LUCK will probably be my next brain child, while Jacky takes a much needed vacation. The other idea... well, it wouldn't be very profitable.

When I was a teenager, I was in love with the chose your own adventure style novels. You know, you read a couple pages, then there are a couple choices at the bottom of the page, and you get to decide what the character does. Kind of.

I've been toying around with the idea of an online choose your own adventure, thing. It'd be short and simple, probably. The only problem I can see with this is that I have no website of my own, and I don't know of any free hosting sites that would do what I want it to do. I'll look around me. Maybe I'll find something good. Maybe I'll write up a choose your own adventure thing anyway, and keep it all to myself to amuse myself when the power goes out.

Another possibility is to hop on the YA bandwagon. Problem is I don't really have any good ideas for a YA. Nothing that wouldn't be stupid and cheesy, and I'd be ashamed for it to ever see the light of day. Maybe.

Maybe there's a good YA idea floating around there somewhere, and I just can see it 'cause Jacky's being such an attention hog. Which is well within her right, considering how close we are to finishing this book.

If none of those pan out real well, I have a fantasy trilogy that's been stewing on the back burner since 2004. That's right, 2004. I started it round about the same time I started Jacky. I have exactly a book and a half written. The writing sucks, of course. The main plot line isn't too horrible though. I even have colored index cards stuck up on one wall to start a massive plot web. It'd take a lot of work (which after all the work I've been into Jacky isn't a horribly appealing idea) but I might rewrite the first book and a half, and maybe even write another half to get the second book done.

Right now, I'm leaning heavily toward FAERIE BAD LUCK. Cause it has a title and a main character, and some pseudo world building. It even has--gasp--a protagonist and possible plot.

Ah well. Nothing I have to worry about quite yet, right? I'll figure it out after the Backspace Writers' Conference.

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